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We’re still figuring out what Easter will look like for our family, but this year is making me very excited for the future. E is old enough that he understands egg hunts now, and they’re my new favorite things. We don’t hide the eggs very hard, but he loves running around finding them, and now that he knows that they’re filled with treats, he’s extra excited.

I wasn’t sure about Easter baskets, but I had way more fun filling them than I thought I would, and possibly my favorite part this year was getting some photos taken!

Tom was shipping recently when he saw a pop up shop that was advertising Easter photos with bunnies. The mall always does photos similar to the Santa pictures at Christmas, but these were different. The mall has someone dress up like the Easter bunny, which sounds fine, but for whatever reason they’ve chosen the creepiest looking bunny ever. E would probably love him, but I can’t bring myself to go close to it.

But this wasn’t some teenager in a costume. This was live bunnies!

Based on E’s love for cats, I imagined the look on his face when we put a bunny on his lap. The look of wonder as he looked up at us in awe, asking permission to touch the soft, silky fur. It was going to be the highlight of his life. I booked the appointment immediately, and started counting down the days.

As with anything you’re looking forward to, there’s always the chance for disappointment. So while E did like looking at the bunnies in cages, he wasn’t as excited about them coming near him. Instead of being excited to pet the bunny, he cried any time it got close to him. Whoops.

The rest of the day was amazing though. E had a ton of fun with the photographer, and we got a lot of great pictures of him. He got a little bit of courage at the end, so we did get a handful of pictures of him with the bunny, and G ended up being super photogenic. I wasn’t expecting to get any pictures of him, since he’s so little and you never know how babies are going to react to things. Turns out, G loves bunnies! And the photographer got pictures that actually capture what he looks like in person! I feel like he’s pretty hard to capture - his looks always come across different in pictures. Plus you can never really get across the craziness of his hair unless you see it in person. But I feel like these did a really good job in both showing the color and height of his hair haha.

So in the end, the kids had fun and we got some amazing pictures, so overall it was completely worth it.

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