A Baby Update

Here’s something that surprises no one with kids: The first three months are HARD. Really hard. It’s pure survival mode, everyone is crying, no one is sleeping, and this blob that you’re spending every second of your day taking care of, doesn’t thank you at all.

And then you hit the three month mark. And things start to change.

We have a completely new baby on our hands. Bits of personality are showing. He’s caring about whether we’re around or not. He’s interacting. It’s amazing.

G smiles a lot. Not just the laughs and giggles in his sleep (which, those are amazing too). These are smiles that you can earn, and they’re so rewarding. We can play with him, and different things will get different reactions. Blow lightly in his face and he’ll suck in a bunch of air in surprise and his eyes will get really big. If you lightly run a blanket over his face he’ll look all surprised and wiggle around. If you smile big and goofy at him, he’ll mimic the smile right back at you.

He’s been doing a lot of mimicking. He loves it when you blow raspberries, and he tries so hard to blow them back. Occasionally he’ll manage to blow some bubbles and get super excited, but other times he just moves his lips and tries. If you make a noise he’s starting to repeat it back to you. And he laughs. This garggley, throaty, laugh. I love this laugh.

The other night he was lying on the couch, and I was bouncing the cushion he was lying on so he was moving up and down. He was laughing over and over every time I did it. Suddenly he’s not just a creature that we need to keep warm and clean, but this little smush that is slowly stealing our hearts. We’re starting to see how he’s going to fit in our family, and I can’t wait to watch it develop more and more.

When I’m holding him he can wrap his little arm around my neck now, and pull himself in tight. And he’s always grabbing on to us with his little hands. It’s not unusual for him to have a grip on my shirt in each of his hands. He’s capable of looking happy when I come into view, and somehow lately he’s been even cuter than usual while he sleeps in my arms.

All this to say, I’m glad you’re here Goober.

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