Yup, That Happened

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I saw it stopped at the cross street ahead, and started hoping. As it slowly pulled out, I got excited and sped up just a tiny bit. Pretty soon we were side by side on the road, me purposely matching their speed, and it hit me. Wow we do weird things for our kids. Still, I called out to E and told him to look out his window, and got exactly the reaction I was looking for. “Bus! Bus! BUS BUSBUSBUS!” Yes, I was in the passing lane, speed matching the slow transit bus on the drive home from daycare so my son could see his latest obsession.

Speaking of odd things we do for them, the street we live on has been covered with pot holes for a while now. I’m talking the road is washing away, it’s just a giant hole now, we’ve got a big problem, type pot holes. I have to slow down to 10 mph to not hit the ceiling when I reach certain parts. And E noticed. Every time we hit one, “OH NO!!” again “Ohno!” and then it comes.. “Mo?” The request for more fun bumps, Mama! MORE! Luckily that’s not a hard request to fill…

And since I can’t always give him what I want, I’ll take the wins where I can. Because even though he’s still sad we didn’t give him graham crackers for dinner, he’s super psyched when I give him the brush from the vacuum to play with, or Tom takes him outside to play and visit the puppy next door while the baby sleeps.

That’s kind of the lesson I’m learning from two kids right now. It’s a lot harder to keep everyone happy. Easier when Tom and I can tag team, but we’re not always both there, and inevitably someone is unhappy. I can’t tell if the older they get the easier this will be (because the same things make them happy) or the harder it will be (because they’ll hate everything the other one likes because they’re brothers and so close in age). At least now the things that they want are pretty easy to give. Food, treats for the cat, post-its.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go put a certain video of turkeys in our front yard back on my phone. Because apparently cleaning everything off my phone after the last backup was the WRONG decision if it means no more turkeys.

20190315 (6).jpeg

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