Three Months

Nick Names: Goober, Lovey, Baby, Brother
Height: 24.5 inches (Estimated - No doctor appointment this month)
Weight: 15 lbs (Estimated)
Head: Super Large
Special Outings: Captain Marvel movie with Dad, PT appointments, Lunch with Drew, Church!
Visitors: Tom’s Parents
Loves: Eating his hand, the bears on his swing, babbling
Hates: The cold, PT stretches, being overtired




Little babies are squishy and adorable and wonderful. And exhausting and they don’t play very much and they don’t sleep very much and when you’re still dealing with healing and hormones and everything… it’s just nice to be at a point where things are getting easier. And more fun.

G smiles at us now. He doesn’t give them away very easily, but when you can get him smiling it’s the best thing ever. He’s also finding his voice and loves to coo and make noises and blow bubbles. Just this morning I think he discovered his feet too. He was lying on his back with his legs straight in the air and kept grabbing them and making noises like “WHOA! I have feet!”

His vision is noticeably better now too, so instead of just staring off into the light all the time, he’ll track toys and people and show a general interest in what’s going on around him. All of this to say, he’s becoming way cooler to have around.

He’s still mostly chill, with occasional freak outs. Tom made the point that because he freaks out less, we’re actually not as good as soothing him, because we don’t have to do it as often. He might scream his head off for five minutes, and then take a two hour nap in his car seat, so quiet that we almost forget he’s here.

Tom’s been home this month while I’ve been at work, and I think G has enjoyed the adventures the two of them have gone on, although Tom is more strict with PT stretches than I am (which is a good thing! We’ve seen improvement). It’s been a little weird being away for so much of the day, but I’m definitely looking forward to the 6 weeks we have together coming up!


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