TWO Kids


I have this weird thing now, where I’ll want to post a cute picture of either E or G, and then I think, wait… is it weird to post a picture of only one of them? Do I need to post two pictures? Do I need to have a running tally where I make sure I’m talking about each kid the same amount?

Same thing with blog posts.. I had things I wanted to say about E and how he’s doing lately, but then I think I should do the same thing about G! I can tell I’m going to be struggling with this for a while…

I absolutely do not have the solution yet, so instead I’m going to do a double update!

All things E

E is in a really fun phase right now. He’s totally into his routines and that’s playing out lately by cleaning up his toys like crazy. He will not move on to a next activity until he’s cleaned up the first one. He’ll sing “Clean up, clean up” while he does it, and will tell you if you put something in the wrong place. I recently sorted through his toys and moved a few into different rooms, and he spent the next day trying to move everything back.

Every morning when he wakes up, or when he wakes up from a nap, he always asks where the cat is, and where his baby is. Before leaving for daycare, or going to bed, he has to say “bye bye” to them both and anyone else who’s in the house.

He recently learned how to complete his little animal puzzle all by himself, and every time he puts a piece in correctly, he says “YAY!” Same for anything else he successfully completes. Yesterday he took his jacket off by himself and then looked at me and went “YAY!”

He can climb now. Up on chairs and furniture and uses whatever he can find (lately a garbage can) to climb up higher. Onto windowsills, shelves, whatever is nearby. He’s actually pretty good at it, and cautious about where he steps. Still, I tell Tom it’s more a when, not an if, for taking this one to urgent care one day…

And of course he still loves his kitty.. however recently he’s started to put her in line. When she tries to steal his food he’ll go “Noooooo meow!” and when he decides that he’d rather play with her treats instead of feeding her, he got her to back off by putting his hand up, pushing her aside and saying “Beep beep!” I think she was confused, but it worked!

All things G

We obviously don’t know G as much as we know E, but we’re starting to see little peeks into his personality. Spoiler alert: We do not have an E duplicate! It’s already clear that this little salamander is going to forge his own path.

He is an expert at making skeptical faces at us. His brow is often furrowed, and we get a lot of side eye from this one. If you do get him to smile, you might be lucky enough to see dimples, but mostly you’ll get a very serious expression from him. However, he is still pretty sleepy, and we don’t get to see his eyes too often.

He uses his voice a lot, and I swear he talks to us. We’ve heard actual words come from him and the noises he makes are amazing and odd. We call him a newborn born in a month old’s body. He is stronger than you would expect for a newborn, and has never fit in newborn clothes, but he has kept a few newborn qualities that we love, namely his frog legs. While he’s super tall, it’s hard to tell since he’s always so folded up.

Overall he’s pretty easy going right now, mostly because he has to be with an older brother running around.


Also I didn’t really set out to try and recreate a picture of E, but when Tom mentioned earlier today that he could start to see a bit of E in G’s face, I realized that he was wearing a sweatshirt that E used to wear (we got so much new clothes for G, this is one of the first times this has happened!) that day, and realized I thought I’d taken a similar picture.

Granted E was about a month older in his picture (on top/left depending on if you’re reading this on phone or web) than G is, but I can definitely see some similarities… but just as many differences too.

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