Snow, Ice, and Cold


It’s officially winter here. This past weekend we pretty much hibernated at home while we got some snow, then some ice, and then some rain, and then everything froze and it’s currently below zero here. Ugh. Once upon a time, I did say that I wanted a winter baby. And for a lot of reasons, I’m happy that worked out. It’s actually dark out when I go to bed, which makes a 6pm bedtime way easier. On the flip side, it’s also dark in the mornings and pretty hard to stay awake and get moving. I no longer feel guilty about not leaving the house on days I just want to cuddle on the couch all day, but on the days I do want to go somewhere, I’m left trying to bundle up a tiny baby who hates being cold, and I’m also freezing as I try to deal with car seats and loading junk into the car.

I’m also left constantly worrying that G will get sick since it seems like not only is everyone coming down with something, a lot of friends with babies have ended up in the hospital lately. It makes going places and having visitors suddenly more complicated. For example, E’s been taking swim lessons every weekend and Tom’s been reporting how much he’s been improving, but I can’t justify bringing G there yet when he doesn’t need to be exposed to those extra germs.

I know it will happen eventually (I mean we have a toddler in daycare…) I’m just crossing my fingers that we can hold out as long as possible. Somehow we’ve manged to get to almost a month without him getting sick! Which.. A MONTH!? I know, I know.. I’m a broken record, but time is flying! So much so, I’m already thinking about logistics of heading back to work, since it seems like that’s right around the corner.

Which means we’re trying to figure out our next month, what do we want to do as a family and try and schedule visitors, because then I’ll be going back to work for a bit and we’ll probably put a hold on visitors for a while until we figure out our new routines and sleep schedules. Life with a newborn is so much about changing schedules. There must be a schedule, since we’re all happier with one (including the baby), but nothing ever stays constant for long, which makes it hard to plan ahead. It’s still the same with E. I can tell you what he’s routine is now, but at some point he will drop that second nap and everything will change. However, I’ve been saying that now for 9 months, and it hasn’t happened.

In general, E is still doing great. He did have some jealousy and clingyness pop up this past weekend which meant I had a toddler attached to me at all times, but it was equal parts amazing and exhausting. I got actual cuddles on the couch for more than 30 seconds (a first ever!) and lots and lots of hugs, but there were also a lot of tears as E tried to work through everything he was feeling. I’m honestly surprised it’s taken this long, and even now I think a possible tooth and sickness has something to do with it.

Which, speaking of teeth.. we’re still stuck at 7. And considering you can’t see the 4 that he has on top, he still looks like a baby to me. It makes it hard because I’ll refer to him as my baby and then have to stop and rephrase because technically he’s not! Also hard to claim him as a baby, since he’s growing and learning so much every day. I’m continually amazed as he understands more and more, no matter how complicated the request I have of him. Just this morning I asked him if he wanted me to zip up his hoodie. He said yes and came over and held out his sweatshirt for me to zip up. I was not expecting him to understand what I was asking him!

I really am loving this age with him. I like that he can communicate, but still mostly talks in his own language. He will do anything for a laugh, and freely gives giggles all day. He loves to sing and dance and it doesn’t take much to entertain or distract him. He’s pretty easy going still and will let us choose an activity, his outfits or what he eats mostly. I’m enjoying it all before it changes!

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