One Month

As of 1/23/2019

Nick Names: Goober, Snortle-pig, Salamander, Lovey
Height: 22 inches (77th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs, 5 oz (83rd percentile)
Head: 15 inches (83rd percentile)
Special Outings: First Movie (Vice), Random Shopping Trips, Lots of daycare pickups
Visitors: Grandma & Grandpa, Raina & Zaida, Aunt Joanie & Brookie, Nicole & Alice
Loves: Sleeping, pacifiers, big brother, staring into the light
Hates: The cold, burping, diaper changes


This month has flown by. Time has disappeared, and somehow you’re a month old. It seems like forever ago we were in the hospital with you. I have this incredible urge to stop time and get to know you more, since I feel like our time is constantly stolen from us. First in the hospital when I was recovering instead of cuddling, and then later when I got sick again and wasn’t able to care for you. Now it’s the speed of the days and the responsibilities that take my time. I never get to spend enough time with either you or your brother. You’re both growing too fast and slipping through my fingers.

So when I do get alone time with you, I try to study you and see if I can figure you out. It’s amazing how much of your brother’s personality showed through when he was still pretty tiny, so I wonder if you’re the same. If so, we have lots of years of judgment, side eye, and skepitisim from you. Always serious, always watching us. Except when you sleep, and then you full out giggle and belly laugh. It’s amazing, and had me googling late one night whether infants can laugh in their sleep (they can!). It’s my favorite, because it’s one of the only times I can see your dimples. After having so many doctors and nurses tell me you had them, I’ve finally seen them for myself and they're awesome. I really hope you keep them.

We can’t tell what color your eyes are going to be, or what’s going on with your hair. It was very dark and long when you were born, but now the sides are filing in a much lighter color, with hints of red. Although it seems likely you’ll end up with hair color close to mine and E’s, it also seems possible you’ll end up with lighter and redder hair than either of us.

You spend your days mostly sleeping, and are fairly easy going. I’m not sure if that’s a product of your personality, or our confidence as second time parents. You don’t stir at loud noises or when your brother screams inches from your face. You put up with daily trips to get coffee and pick up your brother at daycare, during which you’ll scream your head off for about 30 seconds before passing out for the rest of the trip. Your nights are pretty typical for your age - you’re hungry every 3 hours, but you let me get sleep in small bursts in between when I’m on night duty.

We say you were born in the body of a one month old. Big, yes, but also strong. You held your own body weight minutes after birth when you clung to a nurse’s arm like a monkey. You can kick your legs and push yourself forward, and your head control is insane. Tummy time is nothing for you, since you can hold your head up for as long as you want to look around. You can also break out of our holds to pull yourself back, or bash your head forward into ours.

I have a feeling you’ve claimed the height of the family too. I have a hard time figuring out what size clothes to put you in. You usually don’t complain, except for the night you decided to take off your PJs in the middle of the night. Tom actually thought I forgot to put the PJs on, until he found them bunched up at the bottom of the sleep sack. He redressed you, and a few hours later you’d shimmied out again! I swear you’re only pretending to be a baby, and when we’re not looking you’re probably running your own blog online. I can’t wait to watch you grow!

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