Whatever You Do, Don't Google

For those of you who have been asking about how this pregnancy is going, the 3 blog posts this week are a peek into a two week period that's a pretty good summary of the ups and downs of this pregnancy, and all the doctors appointments that have gone along with it.  

18 Weeks


The anatomy scan!

Last time we were super excited to find out the gender and we counted down the days to the scan.  This time, I went alone and almost fell asleep in the room.  It's not my fault - it's a dark room, with white noise pumped in, and they lie you down on a bed while no one really talks for an hour.  Sure there's a screen showing you what's going on, but it's like watching an old black and white movie with no sound on a tv channel you don't really get a good signal on and it's full of static. 

I managed not to fall asleep, but that was more about them not letting me go to the bathroom than my ability to keep my eyes open.  I did manage to pay attention to a lot of the important parts.  Baby has a brain, kidneys, working heart, and all important limbs.  All good news.  I got the call later in the day confirming that baby looks great!  And is measuring a few days ahead, which ended up being a very important piece of news.

Mainly because after telling me how great the baby looks, came the bad news.  The complications, the referral to a specialist, the promises to closely monitor everything and some early outlines of what could happen down the road.  Bleeding, bed rest, hospitalizations and observations, c sections, early or small babies... all possibilities.  There's still a chance we'll get our ideal birth, but the odds are low.  Lower than they were last time when we had some worries with E, but things worked out okay. 

So while we're happy that this baby looks okay, we're also nervous. 

It's putting a bit of a damper on the cool things happening lately, like feeling the baby move!  And move, and move!  It's odd how different it feels from when I was pregnant with E.  I keep saying it feels like someone's playing a harmonica in there.  Odd. Very odd. 

Also good news is that I'm feeling okay this week.  Very, very sore, but okay.  I've been having sciatica pain, and sharp pains in my ribs, and I'm out of breath, but oddly it's all better than the horrible nausea.  

So we'll be over here, waiting for a call from the specialist, and trying not to google!

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