GOOD Pregnancy Update

25 Weeks

This pregnancy is actually going.. okay? 

Which is funny to say because I was SO SICK for such a long time, and I'm sore and in pain a lot, and the heartburn has started to return... but I actually feel like time is passing quickly.  I'm not sure if it's because instead of sitting on the couch thinking about being pregnant I'm chasing around a 1 year old.. or if it's the time of year. 

Last pregnancy when I was in this middle time, it was January/February/March.  Which are the worst months of the year for me.  I'm always a little depressed with winter at that point, there's rarely any fun plans or things to look forward to, and it's still so cold, dark, and full of snow.  September and October on the other hand?  Always some of our busiest and most fun months.  There's so much going on that time just seems to pass more quickly. 

So somehow I'm about to enter the third trimester already, and feeling okay.  Although I shouldn't speak too soon, because I think week 28 was the one that broke me last time and I still have a little while before I hit that.  Maybe I'll be eating my words in a few weeks! 

In other news, I had a follow up with my high risk doctor recently, and things went GREAT! I’m basically being monitored for 4 different issues at this point, 2 of which we can do absolutely nothing about, and won’t really cause a concern until I’m in labor, and 2 that were going to possibly affect me during pregnancy and lead to a c section. Well those last two might actually be okay now!

I went from being told I had a 5% chance of avoiding a c section and bed rest, to being told it was 50/50, to the last appointment where things are looking really good! I’m a little shocked, very excited, and now finding myself having to shift my mindset since I had just come around to the fact that this baby would be coming 3 weeks early by c section. And now that might not be the case.

Either way, I’m still being monitored, there are still things we’re watching, but yay for amazing news!!

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