Mamas' Night Out


When I bought these tickets, E was about 3 months old. I actually forgot that I had them for a while.

But it’s so necessary to get out once in a while with my best friend, to talk about non baby things (and a lot of baby things), and just have some fun. It was a super late night which meant not a lot of sleep for us, but it was totally worth it.

This was our third time seeing Ed Sheeran, and I stand by my claim that he’s one of the coolest performers I’ve ever seen. He has a great rapport with the crowd, he’s super talented, and somehow even though he’s the only person on the stage, it never seems empty or boring. He also seems to always have some of the best openers too. This time it was Snow Patrol and a girl that sings that “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” song. (I know I could google her name, but she could also spell the word correctly in the song when she sings it…)

With #2 on the way, who know when the next big adventure will happen, so I’ll be savoring this one for a while.


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