A Night Away

Sometime around Mother's Day, when I was feeling constant all day nausea and exhaustion, Tom mentioned that I should get a hotel room some weekend and have a night away.  A relaxing, kid free night, where I could catch up on sleep, and the boys would stay home and bond. 

As nice as it sounded, I kind of laughed it off.  "Maybe someday!" I said.  

Then we started talking about the possible complications this pregnancy could entail.  It's put us in a weird place, because there's still a chance I'll have a completely normal pregnancy with no complications.  But I've also been told if I experience any bleeding, no matter how small, I should report to the hospital immediately.  At which point I'll be monitored and either sent home with stricter restrictions, or admitted on the spot.  There's no way to predict it or know when it might happen, if it does at all. 

Which has brought us back to the night away discussion.  We've both decided that being admitted to the hospital will be stressful and traumatic, no matter what.  But if it's also the first night I've ever been away from E on top of that?  I think we'd just be setting ourselves up for a rough time.  And even if I don't have any complications, at some point I'll be spending a night in the hospital when this baby does come.  Does it seem fair to E that he'll be away from me for the first time AND have to deal with a new sibling at the same time?  

So we've decided that for everyone's benefit, I needed to spend a night away from E sooner rather than later.  Let's do it on our terms and make it a relaxing and fun experience.  So with that, I packed my bags and went on a mini retreat about 20 minutes down the road.

The hardest part was leaving.  Suddenly I felt all emotional and questioned why I was leaving.  Shouldn't I just stay and squeeze E all day instead?  But I left, and E totally didn't care cuz he was going to the grocery store with Tom, and really, what beats that?  

My first stop was to go to the movies.  In a movie theater!  Boy I've missed that.  The funny thing was that I showed up 30 minutes early, like I always do.  Except, I realized... I'm usually with someone and like to talk for those 30 minutes. By myself?  I just sat there bored on my phone.  The good news is that the movie was great (Crazy Rich Asians - go, now!  Then buy the book!), and then I headed to check into my hotel. 

I stayed right near a local shopping place, figuring that would give me something to do.  I wandered through stores, and bought E two books and a sweater haha.  To be fair, shopping for myself when pregnant is hard, and there were no maternity stores in this area.  I did buy myself a book, though, and a few snacks.  


Back at the hotel I watched a few more movies (Central Intelligence, Ocean's 8), ordered room service, and texted Tom to get pictures of what was going on at home. It was relaxing, and quiet, and a nice break.  I wish I could say that I went home fully rested and no longer tired, but I think I just have a baseline tired now that won't go away for...oh 18 years or so?  

It was nice to get away though.  Tom did a great job, and E had so much fun with him, but Tom was definitely exhausted when the weekend ended.  He told me "I've decided there is no way that single parents can ever get anything done!"  

I'm not sure how much E missed me when I was gone, but when I got back he definitely asked to be held a bit more, which I took as him being happy to see me.  He also carried around one of the books I got him for the better part of the day.  If you're looking for a book recommendation for a little one, by the way, I highly recommend this one (Never Touch a Monster).  Based on the minimal online description I don't think I ever would have bought it, but after seeing it in the store, I knew E would love it.  It's funny and colorful, and has a lot of things to touch - which is totally E's favorite right now.  Let's be honest, I think Tom and I enjoy it just as much!

So all in all, a successful and fun weekend.  Thanks Tom! 

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