Let me apologize for holding this in for so long.  It was never my intention... I just kept forgetting to tell people? And then some things happened that made me hesitant to want to tell anyone.

Maybe it's because I spend my days chasing around E that I'm too busy to think about anything else.  Maybe it's because I've been so sick that even sleeping requires effort.  (More on that later). 

Maybe it's because the time never seemed right?  Sure I could have announced it at E's birthday, but then it seemed like stealing his moment, and since that's going to happen more and more in the future, I wanted him to have his day? 

And then there's the worry.  The worry that everything might not go okay this time.  I started off as a moderate risk because of the odds of repeat problems that popped up last time, but that was something that we had a plan to manage and I wasn't too worried about.  But since other things have come to light that make me a bit higher risk now.  We're doing what we can, I'm being monitored by specialists at Tufts, and am on restricted activity... but still we worry. 

For whatever reason, it just never seemed like the right time, and then time passed so quickly, and suddenly here I am.  Way passed the time I was expecting to be posting this... such is life. Oops!

So anyway, all this to say, I'm pregnant!  

Pregnancy announcement second child Converse Sneakers

It was always our plan to give E a sibling close in age, and in a handful of months, we'll be making that happen.  He has no idea what's coming, of course, but I like to think that one day he'll thank us for it.  

So here's to life becoming way more crazy than it already is... 

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