My Day


Hey Caitlin, how are you doing?

Oh great!  I was driving home today, and it was only 92 outside according to my car, although it was at least 10 degrees warmer inside since the steering wheel was burning the skin off my hands.  AC was on blast, and the windows were all down so I'd get the breeze.  Felt nice.. right until something hit me on the side of my neck!

My hands flew up to my face and just started to slapping everywhere trying to get whatever was attacking me.  And then my worst fears were confirmed as I looked down and saw one of those big fluffy black and yellow bees sitting in my lap. 

I'm so proud of myself that I calmly drove down the street, until the next pull off almost 3 blocks away!  And then as soon as I pulled over I slammed the car in park, threw myself out my door, and jumped up and down spinning in circles trying to get this bee to detach itself from my pants without stinging me. 

So I'm doing pretty great, thanks!

Somehow I managed to get to daycare, collect a super smiley kid who was "SO HAPPY" all day according to his teachers, and yet managed to lose his s#!t as soon as we got home.  I mean, I get it.  Daycare is a lot of fun, but it's also tiring and long and overstimulating.  So when he gets home he releases it all on me.  Sometimes I think I handled the bee better.

So we sing along to the crazy elephant, we throw all our food on the floor or put it in our ears and hair, which lands us in the bath, and then we decide to just cry for half an hour before bed time, because well... I'm still not sure why. 

But at least I didn't get stung today!


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