Getting Real Now?

8 Weeks

I've been here before, but a lot of things are different.  I had my first doctor's appointment at 8 weeks instead of 10 this time.  Two less weeks to wait to see if this was real, but less to see when we did check.  The place was different too.  I decided to leave my OB practice from my last pregnancy and go directly to the doctor that delivered E.  There were a lot of reasons, and I went back and forth deciding for a while, but I left today pretty sure that I had made the right decision. She's actually switched jobs recently too, so it's a whole new office for both of us! 

Also different was just how sick I've been.  It's possible that I've forgotten how sick I was last time?  Forgotten how miserable I was?  Or is it really that much worse this time around?  I've gone from being sick a few hours a day to maybe only having an hour or two a day when I'm not sick.  

The sickness feels different too.  Instead of being car-sick like, where I get really hot, really quickly and as long as I can cool down and stop all movement, I feel better pretty quickly.  Instead, this is full body, crippling, desperate nausea that feels like I'm going to throw up at any moment.  I haven't, yet.  I suppose that's at least the same as last time.  

It was getting to the point where I couldn't function.  I couldn't focus on work or get anything done, and I barely could focus with E.  I cried uncle and asked for some medication, so we'll see if that improves things at all. 

The appointment itself was pretty uneventful, if you can call verifying a pregnancy uneventful.  Since I was so early we couldn't see much, but we did verify there was a heartbeat - a tiny flicker of a heartbeat on the screen.  Which means this needs to go from some hypothetical maybe to, this is actually happening. 

It's been so easy to focus on the symptoms and ignore the actual baby. It might seem weird, since that's the whole reason I'm sick, but it is pretty easy to forget that there's a baby coming! EEEK!

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