E Lately

We went on vacation for a week recently (more on that later - I'm still sorting through so many pictures!) but it turned out to be a big week for E! We woke up the morning we were supposed to be leaving to one very grumpy baby.  I finally got a peek in his mouth and it looked like there was a tiny hole in his gums.  Could he finally be getting a tooth!?

Of course we had no idea, because we'd made it 14 months without one, so we weren't sure what to expect.  We tried giving him some frozen teethers, but he refused.  He also refused all food.  And he was STARVING.  That combined with a failed nap left us worried.  We pulled out the Motrin and decided to just jump in the car and get to Maine.  We bought all the soft food pouches we could, which he sucked down the rest of the day.  The Motrin seemed to help, as did the friends we met in Maine.

The week was interesting - he'd wake up one day absolutely fine.  Eating everything with no issues, not cranky, and no sign of the tooth.  Then the next day he'd be back to screaming and refusing food, and the Motrin would come out again.  Everyone had told me that teeth pop up quickly once they're coming, but seeing how E's been eating on those gums for so long, they're probably tougher than they would be for most babies.  It finally popped through on 7/31, about 4 days after it first started causing trouble.  It's tiny, barely there, but it exists! 


This also became the week that E decided he was going to start talking!  As always, I think his little friend was the reason behind this.  He always seems determined to learn something new after spending time with her.  And by Wednesday that week (8/1) he decided "hi!" was going to be his first real word.  More like, "hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!" and then fits of giggles as someone returns it.  It's the softest, cutest, most h-heavy thing I've ever heard, and I love it.  We'll wake up to it over the baby monitor.  Hear it from the backseat of the car.  He'll chase the kitty calling after her. 

He's also still working on "uh oh!"  It's mostly still "Ut" but occasionally "Oh Ut!" and once in a while he gets it right.  He's also found a love of bananas lately.  So much that you need to hide them because if he sees them he'll scream like a banshee until you give him one.  And then he'll eat the entire thing.  If he happens to see the banana, though, he'll scream "ma-na-na!"  Which either means "Mama give me banana!" or "MORE BANANAS!"  Either way, it's adorable. 

Another cute thing he does that I love, is what we call 'hiding things behind his ear.'  In the way you'd maybe put a pencil behind your ear to store, or kind of the opposite of how a magician will pull something from behind your ear, that's where E likes to store his toys.  He'll grab something in his hand, rub it against the side of his head and tuck it behind his ear, and then let go.  At which point it falls behind him.  But he'll do this ALL. THE. TIME.  And we love it.  I don't know what he's trying to do, or where he learned it, but we watched him do it for a good 10 minutes tonight, and we laughed the whole time.

Also, side note:

I've uploaded a semi-new video of E from the past few months.  It covers a bit of time, so it's a little long, but we did capture his first steps.  Find it here. 

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