Busy Busy Busy

It's funny, when we have free time at home, I don't say that E plays.  Instead I say he's hard at work.  He never stops moving, and is always on a mission.  I'm not sure where the mission comes from, or why he's doing what he's doing, but he's very determined.  

First he may come down stairs and go to his table and chairs, where all of his books are displayed.  Very purposefully, one at a time, he must take every book off the table and put them on the floor.  Once they're on the floor he'll ignore them for the rest of the day, but if you try and put a book back on the table, it must immediately be taken off again. 

Sometimes he'll take his beach shovel and rake (you know, the ones that are actually taller than him that I originally bought for Tom to use?), and walk them all over the house in circles.  Very serious business. Also any tower that you may have built with blocks or cups must always be knocked down.  No exceptions. 

Lately though, it's his duplo blocks. They usually live in a box in his play zone.  It seems like every time we go in there to play, or even if we're in another room of the house and he goes off on his own, this is where we'll find him.  Taking blocks out of the box one at a time, and arranging them on his gymnastics mat.  Every day.  He usually has a monologue going while he does this, and he often spends a lot of time making sure each block goes exactly where he wants it.  He'll spend an hour doing this.  And if we pick up the blocks, he'll do it all over again. 

This is actually a bad picture of it, since this is when I was messing with him by stacking blocks or turning them upside down.  When he's finished, all the blocks will be pulled apart, in a single layer, and right side up.  Every time.

I have no idea why.  But E has it in his mind that this work must be done, so he takes it very serious.  It's been about a week so far, and he doesn't seem to be growing bored of this.  So if you need us, we'll be over here... sorting blocks! 

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