A Week in Maine


I'm pretty sure when anyone looks back on our Maine vacation this year, they're going to remember two things.  E saying "hi! hi! hi!" and everyone singing "Do your ears hang low" until it haunts your dreams. Tom has taken to hiding the elephant, and my dad would start screaming from across the house whenever the song started, but the truth is E's reaction is SO CUTE, I'll push play over and over again.

Same goes with his talking.  He's so excited to have figured out a word, and the fact that it causes reactions from people?  It makes his day!  Which means he'll walk around saying "hi" to anyone or anything.  Unfortunately the birds, a person 3 blocks away, and the trees haven't figured out how to answer him.

This was definitely a vacation built for E.  It was a week packed with people, but he did take exception to when they left. So often he would wake up from a nap to find the house a bit emptier, that he started throwing fits anytime someone went outside or downstairs.  It was like he needed to keep everyone in sight, at all times.  

Especially if those people happened to be his cousins.  And then he needed to full on awkwardly stare at them, without moving or blinking.  It was weird and hilarious.  I really wish I knew what was going through his mind when he'd freeze up like that every time they entered the room.  It definitely was a happy stare though, because they ranked high on his favorite people list.  Especially cousin Miles, who would happily play E's version of catch with him all day, retrieving anything he threw. 

The week was everything a summer vacation should be.  There were a few trips to the beach, where E ate 100% less sand this time around!  He wasn't so keen on the ocean, but he loved running around and playing in the sand.  We also visited the Nubble, there were multiple trips downtown for ice cream and shopping, and lots of time to relax, eat good food, and read!  I finished two books while I was there, which was my goal for vacation.  

I'm still not as good as my grandmother was at getting everyone in group pictures, but I did manage more than last year I think.  Next year I'll have to make picture day a priority!  


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