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Perhaps you've met our cat, Maia.  If so, you probably have opinions about her.  Especially depending on how much of a cat person you are.  

If you're not really a cat person, you might be a bit afraid of her.  She always seems to show up in random places that may startle you - behind your head, watching you sleeping, jumping out at you in the dark.  She may have even swiped at you, scratched you, or tried to bite you. (In which case, I'm very sorry!)

If you've spent a bit more time around her, you've maybe come to like her, or at least be intrigued with her.  Maybe you've pet or cuddled with her, woken up to her sleeping on you in the middle of the night, or found her perched in the bathroom watching you. (Again, sorry!)

And if you like cats, you may still be a bit perplexed or amused by her.  At how she's incredibly vocal and will call out to me from the other side of the house.  How she'll collect my socks and leave them in random places for us to find.  Maybe you've found her hiding above our kitchen cabinets or in random drawers. 

She's definitely an odd one, this cat.   

Cat baby always together
Best friends cat baby
Animal best friend baby
Kitten baby buddies

And she's always been very much MY CAT.  Torties are awesome that way, in that they pick their person and become fiercely loyal to them.  Perfect for when I was living alone and she was my only companion.  Early on she eyed Tom with curiosity and disdain, but has eventually come to accept him, and possibly even like him!

I never worried about her and a baby.  I knew that she would accept a baby if only because I loved him so much.  She loves what I love.  And then she would either ignore him, or love him like I do. 

Well after a year, it's quite obvious that her loyalty is slowly shifting to the tiny human.  

Wherever he is, you can often find her nearby.  She likes to act like she's annoyed by him, but she doesn't like to leave his side.  Not to the point of sleeping with him or cuddling, always a foot away or so, but always watching him.  She misses him when he sleeps, and often tries to wake him up (bad kitty!).  And boy does he love her.  It's enough to make me okay with not being the #1 in her life anymore... 

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