Strawberry Season!

E loves strawberries.  He'll eat them for every meal, and never turns them down.  He might like them more than watermelon even.  

I like strawberries, but I love strawberry shortcake.  I made some recently because I was craving it, and gave E a little bit, but mostly just strawberries.  We'd long since finished off the biscuits and whipped cream when I decided I wanted more.  I could bake some more biscuits and send Tom to the store.. or we could head to Parlee Farms and get it at the source!

Guess where we went last Saturday?

It's really a no brainer.  They're super close to us and easy to get to, parking is a breeze, and there's always a ton to do there.  That doesn't seem like a lot to ask, but the amount of time Tom and I have wasted at places like this trying to find parking or wandering around trying to figure out where to go only to leave because there was nothing entertaining to keep our attention.  It makes us appreciate this place so much more.  Everything here is so easy. 

They have a store where you can buy all sorts of fresh produce and yummy treats (E also likes strawberry donuts if you're wondering), they've got a petting zoo and other seasonal activities (remember when we went for Halloween?), and best of all, THEY HAVE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!  (It's seasonal, so go quick!).  I got an original, Tom opted for one that also came with vanilla ice cream, and we even asked the girl working there if she'd make a special one for E.  She gave him one that was half the size of mine (don't feel bad for him, it was still huge), and just had strawberries and whipped cream - his favorites!

He couldn't believe it when we put it in front of him.  He dug in with his hand and started eating it by the fistful.  I barely had time to pick up a fork and he was already covered in strawberry juice.  We gained a small crowd watching him, because it was just so much fun to see the joy on his face as he chowed down!  I'm not sure he left a single strawberry in that bowl.  Totally worth it.  

I think he was already having his best day ever before we headed to the petting zoo.  Apparently he loves goats!  I mean they were adorable... 

I'm definitely enjoying this age.  Tom and I had a conversation this weekend about how much easier it is to go places with E lately.  I mean he still screams in the car most of the trip, but we're less stressed, and he's easier to handle outside of the house.  It makes me excited for the years to come.  

Parlee Farms goats
Parlee Farms MA Petting Zoo
Parlee Farms Strawberry Shortcake Kids
Parlee Farms MA Food Strawberries Strawberry

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