Small Tales from Daycare

It's no secret that we love our daycare, and E especially loves it there.  He learns new things all the time, and it's amazing.  One weekend we noticed he had started bringing books over to us and then immediately sitting down on the ground and crossing his ankles like he's trying to sit cross legged.  It's the cutest thing ever, and we definitely have circle time to thank for it. 

Daycare had special visitors the other day - dogs!  E was so excited.  He is totally an animal guy.  And not shy about it.  He pushed his way through all the kids that were older than him so that he could get to the front and pet them.  All the teachers were so surprised at how fearless he was.  I'm not sure what he's going to do if he ever gets a dog on the same side of the fence as him, though.  This is how he pets the neighbor's dog too.


E wants to talk so badly.  He can't.  Not at all, but boy is he trying.  Lately he's been working on "uh oh."  I walked into daycare the other day and the teacher kept saying "Uh oh!" and E would respond "Ut!"  Over and over.  We've started doing it at home too.  "Uh oh!"  "Ut!!" 

Daycare has even started working on E's fear of playgrounds.  He's begun exploring and running around, and having fun!  All good things.  My biggest complaint lately has been the teachers - they're way too young!  :)  The other day Tom dropped E off in his Fresh Prince shirt, and the teacher read it aloud, looked confused, and said she didn't get it.  Whaa?? Don't mess with my Will Smith!!

Daycare smile.jpg
Daycare playground.jpg

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