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It's been a long, fun week. We're all exhausted in that, I can't play for a second longer, summer fun type of way. We've had my sister and niece here for a few days, and it was amazing. They mesh so well with our family they could probably move in and no one would skip a beat. We stay up late talking, and watching TV, and E is never happier than when he has them to play with - especially his cousin, whom he loves to stare at. Obsessed. One day we'll teach him not to awkwardly stare, but for now he just cranes his neck to follow her all through the house. 

So once they left and he headed back to daycare, and I headed back to work, it was a bit of a culture shock back into reality. Daycare said he was acting tired and I needed all the caffeine. 

The saddest part, of course was the first day when he dragged his singing elephant through the house crying because he couldn't find his aunt to dance with. He finally gave up and just lied down with his head in my lap softly whining.  Then the next morning he went looking for me, since I'd been home for the last 5 days and he was used to waking up and finding me downstairs. Instead the house was empty. 

So we're adjusting and counting down until the next time we see them. 

So last night I was dragging a bit and asked Tom to take the lead on bedtime. I didn't have the energy to wrangle E into his PJs. Once he was ready for bed, Tom brought him back downstairs for some last minute snuggles. I grabbed him up and told him how much fun I've had with him this week, and that I loved him soooo much! 

And then he opened his mouth and threw up all over me. 

I think I stood there in shock a bit, maybe letting out an "ahhhhhh!" while E stated waving his hands (and puke) everywhere! I may have also jokingly told him I loved him just a little bit less than I did before he puked on me haha. 

He was totally fine and happy, asking Tom for some water, and then happily went off to bed. While I scrubbed myself until I didn't smell anymore. 

Oh life is funny lately. 

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