Life as a One Year Old

Sometimes life is hard. 

It's hard to run around all day and use all of your energy, but not get enough nap time.  It's hard to wait until bedtime when you're really tired now. 

E doesn't like to wait for naps or bedtime.  He doesn't care that people thing he should be sleeping less or less frequently.  If he's tired he's going to let you know.  And if you decide not to listen to him, well, he's going to do this:

I believe the conversation between Tom and I was going something like this:

"He looks tired"
"He's only been up for an hour and a half! He can't be that tired."
"Okay, maybe we can wait another 20 minutes?"
"Wait, is he asleep on the floor right now!?"


We've found that life is easier if we just let E tell us what he needs and follow his lead.  It's way easier than looking at schedules or advice people give us, because there's only one Bubba!

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