I Need a Vacation


Oh so much.

Life is busy, I'm tired, I've got things on my mind that make me worry a lot, and what I need is a nice long vacation to get away from it all! Luckily I won't need to wait too long, but that also means I need to add packing to my ever growing list... which kind of cancels out the fun of a vacation. 

But seriously, when the day starts off with fire alarms going off repeatedly, you start day dreaming about running away!  Of course it's the alarm in E's room that's causing problems, so needless to say that needs to get fixed soon.  Because both E and the cat are very not happy about it. 

But instead, life goes on with work and daycare pickups and bed times and babies who seem to be having bad dreams or something lately and need to be held in the middle of the night.  So we sing "Do Your Ears Hang Low" because for some reason, that always brings smiles around here.  So what if I end up humming it in meetings for the rest of the week?

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