Life with a One Year Old

We survived the first year.  We celebrated the birthday.  We still have no teeth, but we now have a toddler on our hands.  Can you call them a toddler if they still don't walk?  He's definitely not a baby anymore, though.  

I miss the baby stage.  Even when he wasn't sleeping through the night.  It was easy - you fed him, you cuddled him, you could spend your weekends on the couch and he'd be happy to just look at your face.  


Now we have opinions!  And wants and needs and busyness.  Oh so busy.  Go over there, climb on this, dump out that.  Having a toddler is tiring.  Fun, yes, but tiring.  There is less cuddling and more demands.  Also, did you know how often a toddler eats?  And how messy it is?  The other day we got fed up and so E ate his dinner out in the lawn.  He seemed a bit confused, but went with it.  And when it was all done I hosed down his highchair and left the food he'd thrown for whatever wild creature wanted to eat them. 

These days E is very independent, but only if he can also be completely attached to my side.  As in he needs one arm wrapped around my neck, and anything less than that will be met with screams.  

I know it's a phase, I know it's developmentally appropriate, and sometimes I even enjoy how much he wants to be attached to me.  It just drives home how much we are this kid's world.  His everything, and we are responsible for all of it.  It's a lot to ask of someone.  

It's a good thing we love him so much.  

(And yes, I know that when he gets older and wants nothing to do with me, I'll be longing for these days... that's how life works, right?)

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