It Happened.

I’ve been ignoring it, but I’m not sure I can anymore. 

We have a walker.

E’s been taking steps for a while now.  Since before his birthday.  One, two.. occasionally four.  Not very frequently though.  Maybe once a day?  He’d do it to prove he could, and then move on.  Crawling was faster, and he didn’t seem interested.  We could never make him do it.. it would just randomly happen.

Then he’d occasionally walk across a room.  He’d be steady and walking with purpose, and then… not again.  It was a rare and cool event to see, and you knew it might be a few days before you saw it again.  He might go from walking across a room, to not beign able to take two steps without falling over like a drunk penguin.

One of our daycare teachers made a prediction to us last week.  She said that by Friday the 15th (tomorrow), he’d be running all over the place.  And you know what?  She’s probably right.  I wouldn’t doubt it, she sees enough kids that she could claim to be an expert on this kind of thing.  Last night E walked across a room twice, without stopping.  This morning?  Doing it again.  Still not constant, still not perfect, but I’m pretty sure this weekend we’ll be running after him.

Send help.  And coffee. 


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