Happy Father's Day


I don't worry too much about E.

I know that he will have struggles in his life, ups and down, things to get through.  But he's got a pretty awesome dad to look up to, and who will hopefully show him what it really means to be a man, and it's nothing to do with how tough you are, or how sharply you dress, and everything to do with how you treat people. 

Tom doesn't like football or gambling or video games.  He does like talking about religion and feelings and dreams and desires.  He doesn't go out drinking after work or hide out with the guys.  He's happiest when he's home with us, on the floor as E crawls all over him.

He's kind, and soft spoken, and sensitive.  A lot of the qualities that I hope that E will inherit. 

I don't know a lot about raising a son, since I grew up with all girls, but I figure that one of the best things I can do, is surround him with men that I admire and respect.  And hope that E will pick up some of those qualities. 


Happy Father's Day Tom!

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