A Peek at Life Lately

I have such a major writing block lately.  I'm not sure why, but even though I have stories to share, it's making it hard to get the words out.  I start, and then I find a million other things I'd rather be doing.  But I don't want to forget these moments either.  So here's my random brain dump:

We have all these extra CharlieCards in our house. They came from our wedding - we handed them out to guests in case they wanted to use the subway while they were in town, since it's cheaper to do so if you have a CharlieCard (but they're not the easiest things to find in Boston - go figure).  We ended up with a few extras, and I've just stashed them in our guest room.  Lately E has been into opening and closing doors and drawers, and so he found them.  And oh my gosh they're his favorite.  He likes to take them out of the drawer, put them back in the drawer, carry them all over the house, and hide them places.  They are his treasures.  

The other day I was watching him move them around, and I grabbed a couple and fanned them out like playing cards.  He immediately grabbed one from my hand and threw it down, go fish style.  It made me laugh so I kept doing it, and he continued to steal my cards.  I'd steal a few back from his pile, and no joke we played this game for 20 minutes before bedtime.  It's one of his new favorite games to play.  

Charlie Card Playing Cards
MBTA Charlie Cards

I've been craving corn on the cob for a while, and last weekend we finally made it happen.  As I was cooking them, I threw together my favorite macaroni salad, and decided the combination would work for our dinner.  We sat down to eat, and as we usually do, gave E some of what we were eating.  He usually doesn't like it and we'll end up feeding him his usual staples.  This night, however, he was all in.  Macaroni salad?  He'll take thirds.  Corn on the cob?  Who cares if he doesn't have teeth! I have never seen such passion in someone trying to bite corn off the cob.  He was loving it, and sure enough, managed to eat quite a bit of corn!  Just wait until he sees what a tooth or two can do!

Baby no teeth corn on the cob

As probably every new parent does now, we've sort of been consistent with trying to teach E some sign language.  It's one of those things that is totally en vogue, practiced at every daycare, tv programs are dedicated to it, and every once in a while a kid figures it out.  For us, it's the sign for "milk."  E will occasionally say "more" or "all done" but mostly he signs milk.  Yes, when he wants some, but also throughout the day.  Maybe because he gets a reaction every time he does?  Maybe because if he got his way he'd be permanently attached to his bottle?  Who knows.  Either way, it's usually the first thing he does in the morning, and the last thing before we put him to bed.  He's also taken to waking up from his nap at daycare by popping up and signing it with both hands high in the air until someone notices him. 

Another thing he's figured out at daycare, is the post nap snack.  Apparently one of the teachers will always give him yogurt, and the other one will give him different things - graham crackers, kix, whatever happens to be in the room.  E prefers yogurt.  So when he wakes up from his nap now, he will do everything he can to make eye contact with that one specific teacher, and make eating noises with his mouth in an attempt to persuade her to give him yogurt.  She tells me it's so cute, it usually works haha. 

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