Treat Yo Self


It was almost like it used to be, years ago.  Before we had kids, before we owned houses, before we were married.  Just the two of us, seeing the latest movie in the theater.  It was familiar and strange at the same time.  

We used to live a ten minute walk away from each other.  We'd often meet up after work, get some food, and watch movies.  It was our relaxor, our time passer, our entertainment.  We'd catch up on each other's lives, complain about work or people who annoy us, and mostly laugh.

It's hard to keep up with all of that now, when we're spending all of our time trying to keep suicidal toddlers alive. But it's still important.  I need my friendships alive in my life.  I need other moms to keep me sane.  And so on Saturday we kicked off my birthday celebrations by heading out to a movie, without kids!

It wasn't exactly a wild and crazy day - we went to an 11:30 matinee, and came home as soon as it was over.  The craziest thing we did may have been ordering mozzarella sticks.  But it was still nice to catch up, to breathe, and to see a movie while it was still in the theaters!  


So feel free to start a conversation with me about your favorite super hero, how you feel about who died in the latest avengers, or did you see that new preview for Jurassic World?  Because I am totally current for the next few minutes anyway... 

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