Outdoor Progress


Our yard is a mess.  It's not quite as bad as it was when we moved in, but that's largely due to the fact we're not currently in a drought - not anything we've done.  There are large patches of dirt, and the green that is growing is weeds, not grass. 

However, a lot time ago we decided it wasn't our priority.  I was going to put some analogy here that my boss used on me yesterday about not tying the laces of the shoe before taking it off or something, but it made way more sense when he said it, than me trying to remember it now.  Anyway the point is, our whole property needs work, and that work will only dig up the lawn more.  So I've decided we'll live with a non yard for a few years while we get everything else done first. 

We put up a fence last fall.  I swear we're working on the whole tree thing, even though it might not look like it... 


We've seen some progress in other areas.  Progress that I didn't even know we needed or wanted until a month or two ago.  But once it was in our minds, it suddenly made a lot of sense. 

We wanted a front porch.  Oh how we wanted one.  But building codes doesn't really make it feasible.  But we still want to use and enjoy our front yard, since that's where the majority of the property is. The trees will help, the fence helps, but something was still missing.  Well I think we've found our answer!


It's actually a side patio, on a small piece of land that we were definitely not using.  But the more I look at it, the more I know it's perfect.  It gets shade, it's relatively flat, it's semi protected by the house so there's some privacy, but it will give us a great view of the front yard so we can watch any children playing out there.  Perfect!

So perfect, I called up some young, eager guys from town, and they banged it out in two days! 

Like I said, we're lacking in the grass area... although maybe we'll actually have some luck with growing some now that we have some higher quality dirt surrounding the area?  But boy I can't wait to put a nice chair out there and enjoy a book... in about 5 years when E is able to play by himself? haha

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