Nick Names: Bubba, Sweetness
Height: 28.75 inches (13th percentile)
Weight: 21 pounds, 8 oz (54th percentile)
Head: 18 inches (40th percentile)
Special Outings: Panera, Market Basket
Visitors: Grandma & Grandpa, Becca & Joe, Nicole, Alice & Stephen, Aunt Joanie, Uncle Rick & Brooke
Loves: Laundry baskets, coat hangers, walking by pushing furniture
Hates: Waking up during the night, empty bottles, getting hurt


I'm not sure how, but you're a year old. A year ago, we were strangers, looking at each other expectantly, with no idea what was to come. Somehow, we've gotten through a year.  We've survived long nights and tears and sickness.  We've gotten to know each other, and have laughed and giggled and enjoyed our time together. 

Your personality is growing by the day.  You have opinions and demands and things that delight you.  You want to be attached to me at all times, but also want your independence.  You love cuddles and to give wet kisses, and the kitty is still your favorite obsession.  You want so bad to be best friends, and will not give up trying. 

You don't have any teeth, you aren't talking, and you aren't walking yet.  All of which makes me feel a little better about how old you are, because I can still pretend you're my baby.  However, you do babble all the time.  You laugh and blow raspberries, make clicks with your tongue, and talk in your own language.  You run around like crazy as long as you have something to push - a laundry basket, your stool, a dining room chair.  You got your first real hair cut last weekend too.  I've been giving you lots of little ones with scissors for months, but this time I got out the clippers and buzzed your head!  And like everything I worry about, you barely noticed and sat totally still on Tom's lap the entire time. 

I love how happy you are.  You get excited over the smallest things.  Being swung upside down.  Funny noises, food that you like.  You have the best reactions - your face lights up, you clap your hands, and bounce up and down with your whole body.  You bring us so much joy, and have really made our family feel more complete.  It's only been a year, but you've already changed our lives permanently.  You're the best decision we've ever made.  Love you Sweetness.  


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