Boy Are...

Oh boys are so busy.  They take off running from the start.  Can't contain them!

Boys are loud!

Ugh boys are so dirty.  

Boys are so aggressive and rough!


We hear these comments a lot.  Strangers will come up to us and tell us about our son, based solely on the fact that he is a boy.  And maybe they're right - after all they have more parenting experience than we do.  


But here is what I see.

E is pensive.  He loves to study the world and watch quietly what's going on around him. 

E is gentle.  He loves to pet the kitty and play with the babies in his room.

E is excited!  He slaps his hands around, and throws toys, and lets out shrieks of excitement!

E is scared.  Of loud noises and unfamiliar situations.

E is brave.  He climbs up on everything and jumps without looking.  

E is cuddly.  He loves to be held tight in our arms, and he would prefer to be touching us while playing with his toys.

I love watching him reveal more and more of himself to us all the time.  I try not to project or fit him into little boxes, and just let him be who he wants to be.  And right now, that's a baby who LOVES clothes hangers! 

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