What's New?


Recently I pointed out a few things that haven't changed, but now I want to talk about things that have.  Things that are new and different around here lately!

New Tricks

Some times it seems like E doesn't change or learn anything new for a few weeks, and then there are weeks where he learns a new trick every hour.  All of a sudden you're watching him and saying "Wait, since when does he know how to turn pages in a book??"  And then you scoop him up and smother him with kisses because you're so proud and he's so squishable!

Speaking of kisses, that's one of E's favorite new tricks.  Kiss him on his cheek or make a kissy noise and don't be surprised if he decides he'd like to give you some kisses.  Just be warned, his might be a bit.. different than you'd be expecting.  First, he'll open his mouth real wide.  Next he'll start to make an "Ahhhh" noise.  Then he'll lean in and press his mouth against whatever part of your face is closest.  It might be your cheek, it might be around your nose.  And E kisses last for a long time - just pressed against your face, nice and wet.  Or they might come rapid fire.  It's always a surprise.  And it's always amazing.  

We've also been working on high fives.  Which sometimes work, and sometimes not.  Either way, they usually end in giggles. 

New Computer

I love my laptop.  It's lightweight, and thin and pretty, and serves me well.  Except for one thing - the hard drive.  That puppy is FULL.  I've known for a while that it was filling up.  First I took off all my music, and then some of my older pictures.  They're all backed up online and on external hard drives, and since I don't use them as often as my other pictures, I took them off to free up some space.  Still, it wasn't enough.  

Finally a few weeks ago my laptop cried uncle and said no more!  It refused to take one more picture, one more video of E.  I'd been low key researching my options for a new one for a while now.  Frustrated that the computer I wanted seemed to not be available for sale anywhere, I went to my plan B.  And it was expensive and not what I wanted.  So I started from scratch again, and I am happy to say that I have a new friend on its way to me in the mail.  And I'm trying to be patient, but until then I'm on hold with any new photos or videos... (although I did finally get the March video completed by deleting some files first..)

Birthday Season

Boy oh boy are there a lot of birthdays around here in the next two months.  Tom's, mine, a sister, an aunt, a nephew (TURNING 16 HOLY COW).  Recently it was my mom's birthday, and she celebrated by leaving Florida and returning to the cold of Vermont.. yay?  She also happens to share that birthday with Maia - who turned double digits!  I can't believe she's been my sidekick for ten years now! 

And of course there's the birthday I can't even comprehend coming up, oh so soon.  Our little itty baby is turning ONE??  HOW.  

New Babies!

Speaking of birthdays, time to add a new one to the calendar.  My godson has a new baby brother!  And wow is he cute!  Also, I thought I'd seen babies born with hair.  In fact, there was a time when we thought E had a lot of hair.  But no... this baby has HAIR.  

I must say, I'm enjoying this phase of life where everyone has babies way more than the wedding phase.  For a while it seemed like everyone was getting married.  Weddings everywhere!  Now, I get a new baby to smoosh every few months and I am SO OKAY WITH THAT!  I've already got the next one on my calendar, making its appearance in another 20ish weeks.  (Don't be super mean to your mom and come two weeks late, okay?)

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