Eleven Months

Nick Names: Bubba, Sweetness
Height: 28.5 inches (Estimated - No doctor's appointment)
Weight: 21 pounds (Estimated)
Special Outings: Jordan's, Plant Nursery, Alice's House, Target
Loves: Being outside, the neighbor's trucks, moo cow
Hates: Getting his face wiped, having a stuffy nose, gas pains.


Well here we are.  Almost a year.  Somehow all this time has gone by and I hardly remember those days when you were so little and all we did was stay home and cuddle every day on the couch.  Thankfully (hopefully?) the month of sick is behind us.  We've definitely still had our stumbles this month, with you being unhappy a lot, waking up screaming, and us unsure what you want.  But signs of our happy baby are coming back, and you're been wanting lots of cuddles lately which we're more than happy to provide.  

This was a pretty calm month - no big trips or visitors, but given the month we'd just had and the month we're preparing for, I think that's a good thing.  We did manage to get back into some routines, go to church again, get outside a few times, and spend some time playing with your buddy though.  

You've been gaining confidence and exploring more.  You love to "walk" either along a piece of furniture or by pushing your little stool all over the house.  Your whole face lights up and you giggle as you run as fast as you can while holding on.  You've started to let go a few times and just balance freestanding.  You always look at us and have a sneaky smile before falling down or grabbing back on.  I'm worried steps are going to come soon! 

Your personality is developing all the time, and it's so fun to watch.  You love to watch people and study what they're doing.  I can tell you're constantly learning.  My favorite new thing you do is crawl up to me, and climb up my legs and then hug me and wait for me to pick you up.  It makes me melt.


Still no teeth - maybe you'll learn to walk first??  Almost a year.  It seems so short and so much longer at the same time...

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