E These Days

I'm not sure if it's on a commercial or TV show or the radio.. but someone has been playing "My Favorite Things" lately.  And so it's been stuck in my head.  Which has lead me to want to document what E's favorite things are lately.  Because I'm sure they will change, and just the fact that he has favorite things are amazing now.  For so long he was just a baby.  Now he's developing opinions and it's just too cute.  


Despite me trying to get him to love sheep as much as I do, E is firmly in team cow.  He has a few favorite things he'll carry around the house, and make a beeline to in a room.  One of them is a wooden cow from a puzzle.  The puzzle has all types of animals, but he'll always go and grab the cow.  And then carry it around with him.  

He loves it when people MOOOOOOO at him, and we even bought him one of those containers that you flip upside down and it makes a cow sound.  He laughs and laughs, and then tries to tip it himself to make the sound happen.  If you roll it away from him, he'll take off after it.  You can't argue with him - he knows what he likes.  And so I've decided to embrace it and buy him cow shirts. Make Vermont proud, little one.  If you're lucky, maybe you can pet the cows at grandma and grandpa's house!  (I seriously want to see his head explode when he hears a REAL cow moo). 


He also loves our cat, of course.  If you meow, he'll look around for her.  If he sees her, he'll take off after her.  And if she's close enough, he'll try to pet her.  He loves to watch her, and she seems to like it too, since she can often be found next to him, just out of arms reach.  She's already got him trying to open cabinet doors for her, and I'm sure the mischief will only increase.  


E has mastered standing.  He'll pull up on anything now with ease.  (And occasionally let go and look at you and giggle as he balances in a free standing position before grabbing back on as I wag my finger at him and say "Don't you dare start walking.")

His next goal?  Climb everything.  As soon as he's standing, his little leg lifts up looking for a step somewhere so he can climb up. He doesn't care what it is.. he'll climb over us, furniture, toys.. but his favorite thing to climb is a tower at daycare.  I've looked into getting him his own, but holy cow they're not cheap.  But boy does he love them.  I'm pretty sure he'd spend all day on it at home.  Maybe if he's lucky we'll find a smaller/cheaper one for him.. until then, Tom and I are his jungle gym every day. 

The only problem we've discovered, is he's a little top heavy.  As in his head.  That thing is big haha.  He actually did a somersault the other day (accidentally.)  He was crawling and his head went too low and his legs just flipped up over him.  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been right there.. maybe we have a gymnast in our future? 

High Fives

We recently taught him how to give a high five, and he loves it.  He'll slap your outstretched hand over and over and is so proud of himself.  So much so, that when I tried to pick him up out of his crib the other day, all he'd do was give me high fives haha.  


Speaking of his crib.. E loves it.  Tom recently decided that he loves sleep as much as I do, and sleeps as well as Tom does.  That kid will sleep for 13 hours, and go back down for a nap 2 hours later.  Sometimes you swear he's asleep before you even finish putting him in the crib.  He'll face plant, wiggle around, and be gone.  When I pick him up from daycare, he's so tired that he just lies his head on my shoulder and closes his eyes.  And boy oh boy.. the wrath you get when you have to wake him up.  That's the opposite of his favorite thing.  


This is one of those random things I bought when I was pregnant, because I decided it needed to be in the room.  I didn't know why, really, but apparently E was telling me to buy it.  He LOVES it.  There is no day that doesn't start or end with some quality time spent with his pouf.  He sings to it, he pets it, he even kisses it.  He brings his favorite moo cow over to see it (anything else placed upon it will be promptly thrown to the ground).  I don't know why, but I'm so glad I randomly bought it because E has declared it his. 


Not to wear, you silly thing.  To eat!  If we send him to daycare in shoes, he rarely comes home in them.  He doesn't know how to take his shoes off, though.  Instead he teams up with his little friend, and gets her to take them off for him, and then he'll sit there chewing on them until they're soaked through.  Diaper changes lately have become a battle of him wiggling and rolling and crawling away... until you give him a shoe.  And then he'll happily lie there and study it, bite it, or throw it around.  

I love watching him develop his little personality, his likes and his dislikes.  It's so fun to watch him grow and see the little things that just make him so darn happy. 

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