I've been going through a hard time at work lately.  The powers that be have decided to change, well, pretty much everything about the way we work.  People have gotten new jobs, teams have been split up and regrouped in different configurations, and the physical space has been transformed.  Which means I've been working in a construction zone with people who aren't sure what their job description is anymore, or where they even sit.  It's a bit.. chaotic.  

It's left my mind feeling a little cluttered and given me a constant low level of unease.  

Which means that I'm leaning heavily on my home life lately to bring me ALL THE HAPPINESS.  

Luckily for me, my home life is pretty awesome.  E is full of laughter and giggles and raspberries, and is always on the move.  We've pretty much just been following him around the house on weekends, letting him explore new things.  We even managed to get outside recently to watch Tom feed the birds, and touch some snow (E declared it too cold!).  

We're dreaming of the days we can run around in the yard, but until then, we'll be inside working on things - like sitting in our lap while we read a book.  Up until now, reading time usually involves one of us reading, and one of us chasing E around as he crawls everywhere haha.  

And hopefully some time soon, the most chaotic part of my life will once again be the time I spend chasing after a baby, and not walking into the office every day to find caution tape and find out my desk has moved again.  One can only hope.. 

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