Sick, We've Got It


Oh have we got it.

Poor Bubba's had it pretty bad.  He was fighting off a virus for about a week, but seemed happy.  Then came the puking.  Oh so much puking.  At daycare.  At home.  On me.  On the bed.  On the floor.  Everywhere.  Just when he seemed like he was getting better, he got hit with another virus/cold.  Suddenly he wasn't eating, not acting like his self, all stuffy, and hit with a fever.

Oh and did I mention the ear infection?

Yeah, so we have one miserable baby.  He's hopefully on the mend with the thanks of some meds, but of course we're another story.  Tom and I have both taken turns with the stomach bug.  First I was down Thursday and Tom woke up with it today. 

Can this month just be over already?? 

It seems like one thing after another lately and it's left us both counting down the minutes until April arrives, and with it, hopefully some better luck. 


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