Foto Friday

Fall-back Friday, Foto Friday, whatever you want to call it.  Mostly an opportunity to share some pictures with you.  Some relatively new, some super old... just things I've been looking at and that make me happy.  

Remember when we went to Chicago?  It's such a fun city.  It was officially our last pre baby trip, although we didn't know it at the time!  We were still about two weeks from finding out that baby E was on the way. 

We watch a lot of TV shows that take place in Chicago (ER, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, The Good Wife) and they always give me a chance to remember this trip.  

Chicago Vacation
Chicago Photography

Daycare photos are always fun, and keep me happy during the day while I'm at work.  Sometimes they're a bit more quantity over quality, but honestly I'm almost glad that's the case.  Just getting a glimpse at his face during the day is enough for me.  Every once in a while we get a few that I love though. 

Daycare photo updates.jpg
Daycare Sends Photos.jpg
Daycare pictures during day.jpg
Daycare Pictures.jpg

Remember when he was so little and squishy?  We didn't think so at the time, but compared to now... he was just a little smush!!!


He had no hair!  Those clothes were so big on him!  Skinny little arms and huge fingers.  It's amazing how different he looks in such a short period of time.  

Stop growing. 

But also keep growing, because it's so cool to watch! 

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