First Sleepover!

Plow broken mailbox

Despite declaring that I was done with winter, especially after a week in sunny Florida, winter has decided it's not done with us.  In the form of some pretty big, back-to-back storms.  First there was a wind and rain storm that knocked out a lot of power and flooded many areas (although we were mostly fine).  Then there was a mini snow storm, but the snow melted by the time I got home from work. That wasn't that bad either.  

But then.  

Then came the heavy, wet snow.  I'm not sure how much - 6 inches?  Definitely more in a lot of towns.  Enough that we needed to shovel to get out of the driveway.  Enough that the snow plows were out in full force, one of which thoroughly killed our poor mailbox.  Enough that trees went down and we lost power.  Thankfully ours was only out for a short time, since days later people still don't have power.  

We were also thankful that we had power, since our friends did not!  Which meant they came over to stay with us, since I can think of almost nothing worse than parenting a baby with no power or heat! 

I'm not sure E understood what was going on, but he certainly was excited to see his friends show up unexpectedly.  And since they all spent the night, I'm officially calling it his first sleepover.  His eyes lit up the next morning when he realized they were STILL HERE!  


I didn't even take any pictures of the fun and cuteness that was happening.  Partly because two kids running around takes up most of my attention, and partly because I was having so much fun.  They're both at such a fun age where they can interact with us and with each other.  Passing off (or stealing toys), following each other (and the cat) around, sitting at the table with us for dinner.  

Life has certainly changed recently, but I'm so thankful for such close friends, and so happy that we can still have fun together even with the addition of two little ones!

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