"Are They Twins?"


Yes it's easier to leave him home.  Let him stay with Tom while I go hang out with my two favorite ladies.  Two on one, big people to littles.  It's a lot less hectic, a lot less tiring.


The look on their faces when they see each other?  When they realize that this wasn't just a normal outing, that they get to see their buddy?  Pure joy, happiness and excitement.

After the initial greeting to each other, there's always the look back to us, wide eyed and happy.  I like to think it's a thank you.  A, "OMG Mama, thank you so much for bringing me today to play with my friend! I can't believe how lucky I am and how awesome you are! I love you so much!!"

It makes it worth it, and it's why he's been coming with me lately, even though Tom's happy to keep him home to play with him.  These two are just so cute together.  Alice spends the first ten minutes pointing at him and saying "BABY!"  Sometimes she also decides she needs to hold on to him to make sure he won't suddenly disappear. It's okay, because he likes to chew on her fingers (not that she minds). 


So if you find yourself out shopping early in the morning one weekend, thinking you'll have a peaceful experience as you make your way through the store, I'll apologize in advance if you cross paths with us.  We'll be the two moms in yoga pants with large coffees in our hands and two crazy little ones with us.  There will be a trail of cheerios and other snacks marking our path, our cart will be full of random items - some that we put there, some that the littles grabbed.  Someone might be crying, someone might be demanding to be held.  We will not be quiet, but we'll definitely be having fun. 

Feel free to say hi - if you're lucky you'll get a wave or a giggle in return.

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