Active Denial


I don't want to talk about it.  Nope.  I'm so over it, so done with it, I just want it to go away.  So I won't talk about how since my last post, we got another storm which dumped 30+ inches of snow.  I also won't talk about how today we're supposed to get ANOTHER storm today (although at least we got our mailbox fixed!).  I'm ready to jump back on a plane with a baby and run to Florida because I would rather deal with flying than shoveling at this point.  I'M DONE!

So instead, I'm going to focus on a few small moments that have happened lately.


I've been trying to get E to dance lately.  Why?  Because babies dancing are the cutest things ever!  A few times we've gotten him to bounce or wiggle his butt, and anything we can do to encourage that is fair game.  So I made a playlist of fun "dance songs." I tried JT's "Can't Stop the Feeling".  I tried "Single Ladies."  I even tried Fitz and the Tantrums "Handclap".  You know, because he loves clapping?  He wasn't buying it though.  He looked at me for a minute, and then wandered off.  Then as we were getting ready for bed, he pulled out his "Mary Had a Little Lamb" book.  And so I sang to him as we were flipping the pages.  And that's when he started dancing.  Bouncing up and down and clapping his hands.  Who would have guessed?


During one of our snow days, I was getting E up for the morning.  After I lifted him out of his crib, I was holding him and asking him questions, and talking about our day.  I guess he wasn't having it, because he took his pacifier out of his mouth, and stuck it in mine.  Or maybe he just loves me so much he wanted to share? 


The other day E was eating raspberries.  At one point he put one to his lips and blew a raspberry.  Literally.  Meta.


Lately E likes to put his finger in your ear.  Just a warning in case you find yourself holding him.  50/50 he'll either pull your hair or just stick a random finger in your ear.  


E loves mirrors, and the older he gets, the more he understands them.  We were sitting in front of the big mirror in our bedroom and he kept looking back and forth between my face and my reflection.  He'd touch my face, then he'd grab at the glass, trying to grab my reflection.  I could see his mind working as he tried to figure out what was going on, and which one was the REAL Mama. 


We were at Nicole's house recently and she was pulling out a bunch of toys to see if E would react.  He was mostly giving her side eye, occasionally a fake laugh, and then she turned on a singing drum that started to play "If You're Happy and You Know it."  Suddenly his face lit up and he started bouncing, and let her know that she was playing his song! 

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