TEN Months

Nick Names: Bubba, Sweetness, Love bug
Height: 28 inches (Estimated - No doctor's appointment)
Weight: 19.5 pounds (Estimated)
Special Outings: Still going to count the trip to Florida, since that was also part of this month
Visitors: Alice and family, plus we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa!
Loves: Exploring, playing with friends, trips to Target, his moo cow, mooing, the kitty
Hates: Throwing up, being hungry, not being able to sleep when he's tired


This is another one of those months where you didn't change THAT much.  Which is okay!  The month before, you changed every day it seemed.  You haven't added any new tricks or words, but you've gotten better at the ones you do have.  You're getting a bit braver at daycare, climbing up the play tower quicker every day, and except for that first incident report, *knock*on*wood* you haven't gotten hurt doing it.  

I look at you now, and can't help but wonder where this big kid came from.  It's unfathomable to me that you once grew inside me, or were ever so tiny.  You are full of personality and need us less and less every day.  You can go where you want, get what you want, and let us know pretty well if you need or want something.  

Independent play is starting to become a thing, especially if it involves your favorite moo cow.  You must have a piece of your great grandma Helen in you, because boy do you LOVE cows.  You still like having us near by, but you'll venture further away on your own now, before looking back to check that we're still here.  You'll also good at getting your Mama/Dad fill when you need it, crawling into our laps for a quick hug before you're off again. 


This has been an off month for you, readjusting to schedules after our big trip, lots of snow days which throw that schedule into chaos even more, a few days of you not feeling your best, and just a lot of learning and growing that takes a lot out of you.  You started off the month very clingy and then got over that and entered a grumpy phase, and now you're in a sick phase.  It seems like every few days something new is thrown at you, and you have to adjust to it.  Which you do. 

Unfortunately you're spending your ten month birthday at home sick.  There's been a bit of a stomach bug going around your class at school, and yesterday it hit you hard. Tom and I definitely earned a new parenting badge taking care of you last night, and thankfully you seems to be doing a bit better.  Fingers crossed this passes by quickly, and we can go back to celebrating TEN MONTHS.  Your first birthday is quickly approaching, and I'm so not ready...

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