The Small Moments


In news that will probably surprise no one, babies keep growing!  Just when we get comfortable, feel like we know what we're doing, they throw us a curve ball and become mobile. Start pulling up.  Do things that we need to tell him "no" to.

He's keeping us on our toes, he is.  Crawling around, discovering things, chasing his kitty.  We're having a lot of fun just watching him and playing with him.  We've gotten to the point that there's not much else we want to do besides just spend our time having fun with the Bubba.

He's generally happy all day now.  Unless he falls and hurts himself (which honestly doesn't happen that often), we don't get cries or tears much right now.  He's still a little young for tantrums, but old enough to get across what he wants from us.  The ability to crawl has opened up his entire world and made him so much more content. 

Watching Bubba change directions while he's crawling is hilarious.  Because in order to do it, he must first sit.  Which, in itself is a new skill - the ability to go from crawling to sitting.  In order to sit, he goes from crawling to a downward dog position (butt high in the air), and then slowly falls to one side, while tucking in one of his knees.  He ends up sitting with one leg bent.  From there he can pivot and start crawling in a new direction. 

However, in order to start crawling in the direction he'd like to be going, he needs to fall from his downward dog facing the right way.  Which he doesn't always do.  So he might go from crawling to sitting to crawling to sitting to crawling over and over again in a circle until he's facing the direction he wanted to be going.

Boy and his cat
Baby feather

I know this period won't last.  I know we'll eventually be dealing with tantrums and sleep regressions and teeth and other surprises. So for now I'm going to enjoy it and hope that when the new phase does start, we're ready for it!

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