Nine Months

Nick Names: The Bubba, Sweetness
Height: 27.75 inches (21st percentile)
Weight: 19 pounds, 4 ounces (40th percentile)
Head: 17.25 inches (15th percentile)
Special Outings: THE BIGGEST OF BIG OUTINGS! 30,000 feet in the air!! To a completely different part of the country!!!
Visitors: Becca, Oppedisanos
Loves: The Kitty, warmer weather, making friends
Hates: Getting face/nose cleaned, being tired or hungry


Oh Bubba.  This was the month of learning new things, growing up, and proving to us that you are no longer a baby.  You are fully mobile and spend your days chasing after Maia.  Toys only interest you for a minute or two, before you're off to explore a new area.  We've had to baby proof and put up gates to keep you safe and contained.

You're eating more food (especially if it's BREAD!) and you even eat lunch at school like a big kid!  Whatever's on the menu, you love it.  But you still won't give up your bottles, because they're your favorite. 

You're now the big kid in your room at daycare.  It's hard to believe you were once the tiny baby who couldn't move or roll over, and now you're the one roaming all over with your pick of toys, exploring every inch of the room.

You've also picked up so many new tricks this month - waving, clapping, standing up, and even saying "Mama."  It's crazy to see you do all these things easily that you couldn't do a month ago.  And now you do them so well.  You make so many more friends now too - in the stores, out to eat, our neighbors - everyone lights up when you wave and smile at them, and you love it so much.


You are the happiest, and most relaxed baby.  Being sick doesn't bother you, being with strangers doesn't bother you, and if you ever cut a tooth, maybe that won't bother you either (fingers crossed!).  Your laugh is the most magical thing and makes everything else in life worth it.  You bring us so much joy.

Now to close out your ninth month with a new big experience for you.  I'll worry, as always, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

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