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My mind is all over the place lately with lists of things to do, thoughts about the upcoming holiday and baby coming, things to do with E… I’m as frazzled as you’d think haha. So here is a random brain dump of what’s going on with us lately.

E had his 18 month check up the other day. Everything looked great, the doctor was super happy, and this little munchkin gained TWO inches in the past three months!! He gained a pound, which is right on track, but the doctor was super excited for his growth spurt! No wonder he can touch the ground on his little car now. I’ve updated this post with percentiles, etc.

We also talked to the doctor about his breath holding spell, and again reassured that they’re completely normal and may continue to happen. Which was great timing, since he did it again and passed out at daycare yesterday. He’s totally fine, but his teacher is still traumatized a bit and was still shaking when I got there. She did great though, and got him breathing again in seconds. And unfortunately, our doctor says there’s nothing much we can do to stop them - we just have to wait until he outgrows them! Bleh.

Also unfortunate, his appointment was scheduled so that he missed his daycare nap, and on daycare days he only gets one nap. (When he’s home he still takes at least two!). So poor guy was cranky and tired. He really wasn’t THAT bad, but I could tell he was struggling and unhappy. So I planned our night with that in mind. When he fell asleep on the drive home (which usually takes ten ish minutes), I drove around for an extra 20 so he’d get a mini nap. I pretty much gave him free reign of the kitchen to eat whatever his little heart desired (milk, he wanted milk), and we took a bath after to keep him distracted and happy. And then early to bed. I scheduled his next appointment for earlier in the day, which of course means that nap time will probably change.

I’m still super pregnant, but doing okay. Learning to slow down even more than I thought possible, and sit down and put my feet up whenever I get a chance. It drives me nuts to sit there and watch Tom pick up toys and not help him, but every time I try to do more, I end up paying for it the next day. The baby is still doing really well, and I’m still going to three doctor appointments a week for monitoring haha. One test did come back positive that throws an additional wrinkle into our labor plans, since it would normally require me being on penicillin during labor, but I’m allergic. And the go to back up choice is not an option either. It’s not the biggest deal, and there are other options (although they’re less than ideal), but will be fine, so we’ll make due.

I’m also a bit sick. It’s great, because somehow I’ve made it this far in my pregnancy and avoided it, but awful because there’s not much you can do when you’re sick and pregnant. I’m just hoping that I’ll be better by the time I’m in labor, because that sounds like the worst thing ever. E is a little sick too, but that never slows him down.

We still have A LOT of things we need to get done before this baby gets here. We’ve got quite a list going, and probably only 2-3 weekends left. At the same time, we’re kind of tearing the house apart and repurposing rooms all over the place. Eventually I’ll try and share photos and let you know what’s going on, but right now I just feel like it’s chaos everywhere I look. Really jealous of those pregnant women with the bursts of energy to nest. Instead I just seem able to create huge messes.

We are (mostly) decorated for Christmas. We did less than we’ve done in past years, but still enough to make it fun and happy. And let me tell you, E has inherited my love of all things Christmas and decorations. He loves to look at everything, touch the lights, and visit his favorite trees. If only he’d also inherited my hatred of the turkeys. This kid may end up a vet when he grows up, he’s so enamored by any animal, including the darn turkeys that I can’t get rid of.

I think we’ve pressured the neighbors to decorate more too! Neither of them have ever really decorated for any holiday, but this year one of them broke out some cool Halloween lights, and this year they’ve both got Christmas stuff up. One set told us point blank they were jealous of our inflatable tree in the yard, so they went out and got some blow up Christmas decorations too. But then last night as I was going to bed (at the incredibly reasonable time of 6:30), I noticed the house across the street had put up lights on their outdoor railing! Give us a few years…let’s see how crazy we can get this corner of the hill!


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