Holiday Cards

By now they’ve all been sent out, and if you’re on our list, you’ve probably received ours. (And if not, let me know!) Yes, they were early - although that’s not unusual for me. As with everything this year, though, it either needs to be early or not at all. Just be glad I waited until after Thanksgiving to mail them out, because trust me they were ready before that!

I had a hard time choosing a card this year. Pregnancy has left me indecisive about things for some reason. And so I didn’t choose. Another good thing about ordering early, is you can take advantage of random sales and promotions that will send you X number of cards free or cheap.

In the end, I ended up with 4 different cards to send out haha.

And since I wasn’t crazy enough to send anyone more than one card, that means you missed out on 3 other designs! So here’s a peek at some of the other cards we had. I saved a copy of each so years from now our kids can say “This is the year Mama went crazy with Christmas cards.” (It probably won’t be the only one!)


Do you have a favorite??

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