Not the Best Holiday Track Record

Remember Easter this year?

I actually didn’t. Just the other day I was asking Tom if we made it to sunrise service on Easter, and couldn’t remember why we didn’t. Oh yeah, we were all super sick. We’ve actually been doing really well since then, even managing to dodge a few outbreaks of hand, foot, mouth at daycare!

Crying cow Halloween toddler
Sad Cow Halloween

But something caught up to us this week. E’s school has a Halloween parade every year, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Tom and I showed up a few minutes early to make sure the teachers didn’t need any help getting E into his costume, and to see if they needed extra hands to walk in the parade.

Whelp we found a seriously melting down baby. We assumed it was the costume, but it didn’t really make sense. He was pretty much wearing PJs (the head piece wasn’t on yet), and he loves people and being outside. The parade should have been his jam.

Instead, we got crying and crying and crying. Through the parade. After the parade. In the car. Non stop. We had plans to trick-or-treat with friends who happen to be some of his favorite people, but even showing up at their house wasn’t calming him down. We finally decided to call it and head home. We had an unhappy baby and Halloween wasn’t worth it. We stripped him down (he seemed a bit warm, but we figured it must be because he’d worked himself up crying), but decided to give him a dose of Tylenol before we got in the car, just in case.

And just like that, not even 30 seconds later, he was fine. Better than fine. He was chasing his friend around the house, giggling at us and eating an entire banana, fine. Huh.

So we waited a few minutes. Changed his diaper. Still fine. Still happy!

And then we took a big risk. We put him back in his costume (but this time without his warm clothes underneath). And he was totally okay with it. We went out into the yard and he ran around and played. He even tolerated some photos. He was having so much fun, we decided we’d try a house or two.

Halloween Cow Costume
Family Cow Halloween

And oh boy, this kid caught on quick. Running up to houses, knocking on doors, grabbing candy out of bowls. He figured it all out. He made so many friends, and had a ton of fun. One house was decorated all out with lights and music synchronized with singing pumpkins and it was amazing. E would have danced in their front yard all night long.

It wasn’t the perfect night we’d planned, but it ended up pretty close for starting with a sick kid. I wish we’d figured it out earlier so he hadn’t been so miserable at school, but we’re getting there. We kept him home today, even though he’s feeling much better. He mostly needs sleep, since we got home late last night, and he was up a few times during the night.

Happy Halloween!!

(Next year is going to be crazy isn’t it?)

If you’re following along from last year, Belle dressed up as Snow White this year, the peacock was a monkey this year, and the Troll Doll is now Flounder from the Little Mermaid.

The lady bug from last year, I don’t think goes to this school anymore, and the cowboy and monkey from last year are in room 4 this year. Jack Jack, Hulk, Nemo, Pumpkin and Care Bear (?) are all new this year. (Well Jack Jack started back in January, but the rest just started a few months ago).

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