Like the Sign Says


So we may have just celebrated Thanksgiving, but you know me - I’m in full on Christmas mode. Although let’s be honest, with this pregnancy I’ve been in Christmas mode all year! But it was finally time to start to make the house match my mood.

Since we had my parents visiting for a few days for Thanksgiving, we took advantage of having the toddler entertained (and food provided!) to get some decorating done. E was in his total happy place, and to be honest, so were we! Good food, good company, some nice time off of work, super happy toddler... If only this baby wasn’t slowly (or not so slowly) trying to kill me, I’d say it was perfect!

[I say that, but for the most part baby is doing well. I had my first biophysical and non stress test, and passed both! Just some days are better than others. Everything can be manageable for a few days and then all of a sudden I’ll wake up in so much pain I’m pretty sure I’m dying and won’t make it through the day. So ups and downs]

So lights went up, stockings were hung, and my Santa Russian stacking dolls were broken out for the first time in years! The trees fully decorated yet, but they’ll get there (mostly anyway). We also did something E is super excited for - started to decorate outside! The lights are on the fence and we even gave in and did something I said I’d never do - buy one of those enormous blow up things for the front yard. E LOVES them. He constantly wants to look at it out the window, and when it’s not blown up, he asks where it is. It makes him so happy, I’m tempted to fill the yard with them haha.

It was nice to take a bit of time to celebrate a holiday, especially knowing we might be a bit distracted on the next one!

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