The Slow Down

32 Weeks

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I was hoping I’d have more time. After all, I’m only 7 months pregnant, and I was crossing my fingers I’d have at least another month. But apparently this is it. This is where I’ve run out of time, energy and motivation apparently.

There is still a lot to do. There’s a baby to prepare for, holidays are coming up and presents need to be wrapped, cards need to be sent, and then there’s the normal things, like remembering to do laundry (or more realistically, remembering to put it away after its been washed), and getting myself dressed and out the door every day.

The number of things on my list + the time in the day + what I’m physically able to do right now… it’s just not adding up anymore!

Perhaps you’ve noticed little cracks. Like the blog post that went up this week without pictures (if you go back and read it now, pictures have been added!) Or the fact that this one is going up “late.” Maybe I missed sending you a card for your birthday recently, or still haven’t responded to a text or email you sent me. Trust me, I meant to.

I know it’s only going to get worse. I’m terrified of when it gets worse! But it’s life, and it will be temporary and then suddenly my kids will be moving out and I’ll have nothing but time! (okay I’m jumping ahead a bit).

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Winter Bundled Baby

In the meantime, I’m trying to enjoy the things that I can. We recently escaped up to VT for an extended weekend so E could spend time with some of his favorite people, and we could get a bit of a vacation. I’ll use vacation loosely here, since we’re realizing that no matter what we do, we end up exhausted! E had so much fun though. We went swimming, and stayed in a hotel with big long hallways he could run up and down, and there were people to meet and greet every day - it was awesome.

We took a walk, toured the mall, visited with some family, and even showed E off at my sister’s office. Which had construction equipment outside the window, so that became the best. day. ever! E took massive 2 hour+ naps twice a day while we were there, he was so exhausted from all the fun. Of course he still refused to sleep a minute in the car, which meant we had a constant stream of toys, empty water bottles, Starbucks stoppers, whatever would keep him busy and distract him from how much he hates car rides. The only upside is how much he loves when the ride is over. We pull into our driveway now and he claps and cheers. It’s awesome.

Toddler Construction Equipment

As for what E’s like these days, he’s constantly learning. His memory is amazing - if I show him something once, he’ll remember it’s there and expect it every time. He’s communicating more, although I’m not sure I’d say he’s talking more. He is very good at sign language to tell you that he is hungry and would like more food now, please! Most of the actual words he uses tend to be animal or car sounds, and he is as focused on both of those as ever.

He loves stairs and exploring, and hates stopping for anything, especially diaper changes. One of my favorite new things he does is shrug his shoulders and throw his palms up and look at you in confusion when he doesn’t know what happened. You’ll ask him where something went and he’ll throw his arms up and spin in circles with the best look of confusion.

The new thing is his obsession with lights and fans on ceilings. He’ll look up until you’re sure he’s going to fall over, and point at them while going “OOOOH!” with his lips pursed. Sometimes you’ll just get a “WHOOOA!” and look of wonder.

He still moos at cows, and loves his kitty too. A lot of his clothes have cats on them, and when you say “where’s your kitty!?” he’ll point down at them and expect you to meow. Otherwise he just spends his day chasing after Maia. One of these days he’s going to break through and she’ll admit she loves him too.

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