More Appointments, More Sugar

30 Weeks

3 hour glucose test

Since my last update (only a week ago!), I’ve had three more appointments scheduled. Yes, it’s getting ridiculous.

They were all interesting for different reasons. One was for my three hour glucose test - yup as predicted, I failed the one hour test again. So off I went to spend three hours sitting in a waiting room, drinking super sweet orange drink, and getting my blood taken a million times. I’m almost getting good at it! Fasting, chugging the drink, bringing a book to read, and then packing food to eat for after.

The results are in, and I passed! My numbers looked awesome, and they have no concerns. For whatever reason, my body just does not like the 1 hour test. I think if I end up pregnant again, I’ll have to ask if I can skip right to this test, as annoying as it is.

Another appointment was with my high risk doctors from Tufts. I actually bored them so much, they discharged me! Woot woot! Basically two of the three things they had been seeing me for have either resolved or have been determined not to be a problem. There’s still one complication left that had the ability to affect the baby, but baby is growing at a normal rate, so they’re no longer concerned about that one either! It’s still possible it may cause some problems at delivery, but that will be managed by my normal doctors from here on out. Good bye Tufts! (Just kidding, I’ll likely see you post delivery anyway.. but good bye for now!)

And they continued the trend of giving me the weirdest ultrasound pictures. At this point I could fill a box with pictures verifying the gender of the baby (not changing!) and pictures of the eye sockets. Which are so creepy. This time they upped the ante by giving me one of those gross 3D ones that freak me out so much. I’m sorry, but I don’t need to see this level of detail of what’s trying to claw its way out of my uterus.


And then I had my “normal” appointment scheduled with my regular doctor’s office. This one was interesting because the timing of it meant I was going to have to bring E with me! Unfortunately (fortunately?) it was cancelled at the last minute, so I never found out what that was like. I’ll give an update when it’s rescheduled, but I don’t think anything big is happening at it. My other two appointments were the exciting ones!

Otherwise we’re just chugging along. I’m on some new medication that is holding the heartburn at bay for the most part. Baby is kicking me non stop, and I’ve also been put on additional iron pills which is helping a bit with the exhaustion. I keep finding new limitations for myself, and although it’s frustrating to realize “Oh I can’t pick this up” or “When I do this, I can’t breathe,” I know it’s temporary. Life will change so much in a few short months, so it’s not worth getting used to anything now.

In other news, does anyone want to come organize my closets with me!?

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