For someone who has been preparing for Christmas for months, this holiday snuck up on me. I decorated some of the house, but most of the decorations are still in bins downstairs. I totally forgot to send E to daycare in his Halloween shirt until today (last year I think he wore shirts for 2 weeks before the holiday).

We do have a costume for tomorrow though! We’ve yet to actually try it on though, so again we’ll be playing everything by ear. I’m also not sure how pictures will go.. we’ll post them if we get them, but apologies in advance if all you see is a blur of color.

I also haven’t bought any candy yet, so I should probably get on that too?

Obviously we’re doing Halloween-lite this year. My boss made me feel better, though, by telling me “don’t worry, E won’t grow up knowing you as the mom who doesn’t do anything for Halloween.” Meaning, that I can take a pass this year and what he’ll remember is future years when I have more time and energy to make things special.

I assume E will love trick or treating this year, because all he wants to do, ever, is go outside. We’re working on finding more things outside to keep our attention so we’re not just digging up the flower beds over and over, but it’s harder than you’d think. (Especially if you’re not sure you want to go straight for one of those giant play structure things…) Our recent idea has been to buy a steering wheel and just mount it to… something? As soon as I figure out what that something is, I’m sure E will be psyched haha.

And yes, E did get a haircut recently! I sent that picture of him to a friend and their response was “Where did his hair go!?” The answer is, on the floor of our garage haha.

In other news, baby #2 is going as a soccer player or gymnast for Halloween. I’ve been getting assaulted in the ribs a lot lately, and I’m pretty sure there’s a plan to break out soon. You’ve seen the horror movies of the alien ripping through someone’s skin, right? That’s the reality I feel like I’m living every day haha. Two months left!

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